Many of my Clients win FASTER Without a Hearing. No Fee until you win.

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*FASTER DECISIONS - I pride myself on getting decisions for many of my clients before they have to go to a hearing, even if they have already been denied. I do this by reviewing every case as soon as you hire me to see if I can file an On-the-Record Request, a legal argument tying your evidence to Social Security’s complicated rules. This can save months if not years-of waiting for your Social Security Disability benefits.

Attorney Zakre reviews your case personally right away, and gets the kind of evidence you need to win your Social Security Disability benefits case, and can do the difficult cross-examination of witnesses if you do need a hearing.

*NO FEE UNLESS YOU WIN - If you win, Social Security decides the fee and pays me directly. You won’t get a confusing bill with unexpected charges. Plus, the amount I get after you win is the same amount that Social Security would pay a non-lawyer “advocate.” For the same money, you deal with a lawyer who knows the law, not with paralegals, legal assistants, and secretaries, as in other firms.

*PERSONALIZED NEW HAMPSHIRE OFFICE - Attorney Zakre practices throughout New Hampshire, including appeals to New Hampshire’s federal courts. Why hire an out-of-state Social Security Disability firm, where you may not meet your lawyer until the day of your hearing?

*YOUR CASE IS HANDLED BY A LAWYER, NOT A PARALEGAL. In some firms, your main contact is a paralegal, legal assistant or secretary because the lawyer is “:too busy”. In Social Security Disability cases, the fee is set by Social Security, and it is the same whether your case is handled by a lawyer, who knows the law, or an administrative assistant or non-lawyer “advocate”. Attorney Zakre handles your case personally, from start to benefits approval.

*Were you also denied long-term disability insurance, FMLA or Medicaid? Were you discriminated against because of your disability? Attorney Zakre is an expert in these matters. You don’t have to find another attorney.